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Counselling recognises that ultimately we all make sense of our own path through life in our own way, and that we can all find our own solutions to our problems. However, it recognises that it is often very helpful to ‘reflect’ our thoughts and ideas to another person. This helps us clarify how we feel and also acts as a creative catalyst to evolving strategies for change and new solutions to old problems.

Enid provides a safe and respectful environment to enable you to explore issues that may have been troubling you and giving you the space to explore your options. Knowing you have a plan improves self-confidence and optimism about the future.

In counselling you will be encouraged to:

  • Clarify your problems and challenges

  • Identify changes you would like to make

  • Consider the consequences of various options

  • Acknowledge the impact of life events on your own well-being

  • Help you come to terms with the difficulties you face

Why Counselling?

Counselling can be helpful in a wide variety of situations such as:

  • Stress

  • Conflict at work

  • Bereavement

  • Depression

  • Loss of confidence and motivation

  • Health problems


Many people find that the ability to discuss their difficulties openly with someone they can trust is in itself extremely helpful. By looking at a situation from a fresh perspective we often discover new possibilities.

The counselling process may be concerned with:


  • Personal development issues

  • Addressing and resolving specific problems

  • Making decisions

  • Coping with crisis

  • Developing personal insight and knowledge

  • Working through feelings of inner conflict

  • Improving relationships with others





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